Material editor in 3ds max 2018

Material editor in 3ds max 2018

In general, the Slate interface is more versatile when you are designing materials, while the Compact interface is more convenient when you just need to apply materials that have already been designed. The Slate interface is a graphical interface with several elements.

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Menu bar. Active View. View navigation. Parameter Editor. The main visual elements of this interface are where you do most of your work:. To create a new material or map, drag it from the Materials group or the Maps group. The active View is where you construct material trees by wiring maps or controllers to material components.

You can create a number of Views for the materials in your scene, and choose the active View from among them. The Parameter Editor is where you adjust detailed settings for maps and materials.

The Slate Material Editor is a material editor interface that uses nodes and wiring to graphically display the structure of materials while you design and edit them.

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It is an alternative to the Compact Material Editor. To see the parameters for a material or a map, double-click the node. The parameters appear in the Parameter Editor. It is where you create material, map, and shader trees by wiring together material, map or shader, and controller nodes. Slate Material Editor Menu Bar The Slate Material Editor menu bar contains menus with various choices for creating and managing the materials in your scene.

Some of the commands are also available from the Slate Material Editor menus. The toolbar also has a drop-down list that lets you choose among named Views. Parent topic: Material Editor.Enter text in this field to search for materials and maps whose name begins with the characters you type. The search is not case-sensitive. Found materials and maps appear in a list below the search field. Groups can have subgroups with title bars of their own, and some of these subgroups can have further subgroups.

In the modal version of the Browser, if you are assigning a material type, then only materials appear, and if you are assigning a map, then only maps appear. When you right-click an empty area of the active View, the Slate Material Editor displays a shortcut menu that lets you choose items in the Browser.

The first section of the menu is a shortcut to the Browser. Choosing a material or map from the menu places a node for that material or map in the active View. You can customize the contents and appearance of this section of the menu by using the context menu options. Unhides all child nodes in the active View. Hides all child nodes in the active View. Search by Name Enter text in this field to search for materials and maps whose name begins with the characters you type.

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Hide All Children Hides all child nodes in the active View. Topics in this section Using Material Libraries Material libraries assemble related materials for convenience. Parent topic: Material Editor, Materials, and Maps. Related Reference Slate Material Editor.You add realism to scene objects by adding materials to their surfaces.

Material texture can include information from bitmap images, as well as bump maps for a 3D effect. In this tutorial the battlefield terrain, as well as the tree, rock, cannon, and windmill, all get their appearance from bitmap texture mapping. Set up the scene:.

Add a battlefield material:. A flyout is like a drop-down menu, but with buttons instead of text. The Material Editor opens as a floating window. The Compact Material Editor is usually more convenient when you want simply to assign materials that have already been designed. The Slate Material Editor, which takes up more screen space, is more convenient and versatile for designing materials. By default, the Compact Material Editor shows six sample slots, each of which is capable of holding a material.

Typically, you would have multiple materials to choose from, so you might prefer to expand the number of sample slots selectable from the editor. Notice that the name Battlefield appears in the Material Name field below the sample slots. This material has already been constructed for you. It uses a bitmap as a texture and includes a bump map. The viewport now displays a landscape covered by grass and dirt. If at first you can't see the sample slot for the Stone material, right-click one of the sample slots and choose 5 X 3 Sample Windows to display more of the slots.

Next, you will apply a material to the cannon. Apply a material to the cannon:.

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All parts of the cannon were previously grouped together into a single entity, called a selection set. This way, when you choose a material, it is applied to all components in the selection set in a single action.

This method is another way to apply materials to selected objects. Make the rock more central:.Use the Default buttons to return to the initial settings. Use the Default button to return to the initial setting. This is a global option that affects all the sample slots.

These options affect the viewport behavior of the DirectX Shader material. Controls in this group let you specify a custom sample object to use in the sample slots.

material editor in 3ds max 2018

The scene should contain a single unlinked object that fits in an imaginary cube units on a side. The object must be either a primitive with a Generate Mapping Coords. The scene can contain a camera and lights. These options let you choose how many sample slots to display at a time. The Material Editor always has 24 sample slots available.

You can choose to display fewer sample slots at a larger size. When you do, scroll bars let you move around among the sample slots.

This button displays the Material Editor Options dialog to let help you control how materials and maps are displayed in the sample slots. Note: The controls to assign a renderer for the sample slots are on the Render Setup dialog Common panel Assign Renderer rollout.

Note: If a material uses several texture maps at different levels, and only one is set to Use Real-World Scale, the sample sphere will render with real-world size coordinates.

Note: The size is scaled to use the current units. Note: This setting applies to real-world textures only.

Adding Materials to Objects in the Scene

For the default size to be applied to newly created textures, the Preferences dialog General panel Use Real-World Texture Coordinates checkbox must be on. Force Software Rendering When on, forces DirectX Shader materials to use the selected software render style for viewports.

This toggle is unavailable unless Force Software Rendering is on. Custom Sample Object group Controls in this group let you specify a custom sample object to use in the sample slots. Slots group These options let you choose how many sample slots to display at a time.

The default: 6 windows. This is useful when you adjust lighting values for the sample slots.

How To Create Realistic Vray Material In 3dsMax + HDRI Tutorial

OK Closes the dialog and applies any changes you made. Cancel Closes the dialog and cancels any changes you made, including changes you applied with the Apply button. Parent topic: Compact Material Editor Tools.It got me most of the way there.

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material editor in 3ds max 2018

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Material Editor Options

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Material Editor Options

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material editor in 3ds max 2018

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